Tree Law & Investigations

Helping our clients steer the complexities of tree law

“Trees are an important asset to the environment, especially in the urban landscape where they can provide a wide range of benefits such as pollution capture and mental wellbeing. Therefore, correct species selection and planting is essential for securing a resilient planting scheme for the future”

Tree Preservation Orders

When legal protection of a tree is in place

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is a legal order enforced by a Local Planning Authority when it is determined that a tree or woodland has significant amenity, cultural and/or conservational value to an area. We act as agents for work applications to trees that receive statutory protection and will also apply on your behalf for statutory protection.

Felling Licence Applications

Helping with applications to fell larger tree stocks

A Felling Licensing is often a requirement under the Forestry Act 1967 for large scale tree removal operations where more than 5-cubic meters per-calendar quarter are to be removed. We provide consultative advice for our clients on these matters and act as agents for liaising with the Forestry Commission and submission of Felling License applications.

Tree Pests and Diseases

Helping our clients deal with the complexities of an ever increasing problem

Invasive pests and diseases such as ash die-back, Phytophthora and Dutch elm disease pose a significant threat to our landscape and native species, which makes early identification and control crucial in mitigating their effects. For certain pests and diseases, control orders, regulations and Statutory Health Plant Notices may apply to their management.

We provide expert consultative and report services for land and tree owners where a concern may exist over the presence of significant tree pests and diseases on site. We undertake site surveys, pest and disease identification, in-field and laboratory disease testing, legal advice and management plans.

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